Temporary Set-Up In Dubai Gave Its Visitors A Cozy Place To Nap During Their Lunch Break

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You would be surprised to know how much a little afternoon snooze can actually help you out with your productivity throughout the rest of the day. A temporary installation that was set up in Dubai by French furniture brand, Smarin, allowed visitors to stop and take a short nap. The set-up design included soft dune-shaped lounge chairs.

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The spot located in Al Quoz, was opened from early March and was closed on the 31st of that same month. Named, The Nap Bar, the pop-up by Smarin was considered as a placed that will offer those with heavy eyes a perfect place to rest their head for as long as they wish.

“I had the idea for the Nap Bar because when I’m walking in big cities, sometimes I take a break with a coffee but actually I need more of a real break,” founder Stephanie Marin, says.

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To expound on what is included in the entire package, visitors are given a rather comical looking pillow and poncho combo, as well as relaxing drinks and lullabies. Open from 10am – 7pm at the Zumbotel Lighting warehouse, The Nap Bar was opened to all and can even be booked by groups to hold slumber parties.

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The initiative by Smarin is part of the Artroom, Collective Loft exhibition which is curated by Antidote Art & Design. It will  showcase Smarin’s ingenious furniture which is geared towards the ultimate in relaxation. These include ‘Dunes’, contoured foam bed-like chairs; Kairos lights which flit on and off in line with an encouraged breathing pattern; and several types of mobile designed to lull you to sleep. Check out smarin.net for more information about The Nap Bar.

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