Pizza Button On US Hotel Phone Allows You To Have Pizzas Delivered At Your Door

pizza phone button 1

Pizza is one of the most favored dishes right across the world. Those of us who join this number would therefore be no stranger to once dreaming of having a hot, pillowy, cheesy pizza brought straight to your door in just the push of a button. Well, there is no need to dream anymore as there are hotels right across America, where you are only ever one push of a button away from pizza.

pizza phone button 2

In a picture that was posted on Reddit by user ComicalEconomical the phone in his hotel room feature a “pizza button”. On pressing the button, pizza answers. Based on the comments that the post received, it apparently isn’t an unusual thing for hotels in the US to have a pizza button on the phones in every room.

pizza phone button 3

A fellow Redditor wrote: “My uncle owns a motel and I’ve talked to him about this years ago. There are three pizza places in town and all deliver and are all in his range for delivery. He cut a deal with one of the chains when he was setting up. They “donated” some cash to help him get his motel up and running and in return every phone has a pizza button that dials right to their pizza chain.”

Another person in the comment section also wondered if they would get emergency pizza by pressing the pizza and the emergency button at the same time, or a wake-up pizza by requesting a wake-up and a pizza at the same time.