Hospitals For Mothers Are Being Revolutionized With This New Maternity Bed

When a mother gives birth to her baby in the hospital, the babies are traditionally placed in a nursery in a room separate from the mother, where there the other newborns kept. They might also be placed in bassinets that may be too far from the mom’s hospital bed for her to reach her baby without the help of a nurse. While it may be a tradition, if you stop to think about it, you’ll notice that it is a bit sad or weird. That is because no baby would want to be far from their mother right after being delivered into this bright, scary and unfamiliar world. Just as much as how a mother would want to have the child that they have being carrying around for 9 long months in constant contact.

clip-on bassinet 1

A Dutch hospital named Gelderse Vallei is striving to change this trend by implementing new clip-on baby bassinets that attach to hospital beds for moms to interact with their newborns. Mother and babies can now both be happy together with the truly game changing invention, especially those who will have to stay in the hospital a few days post-delivery. Though the mom will still be stuck to a hospital bed, atleast her baby will be within arms reach and be tucked up right beside her, and not down the hall or across the room.

clip-on bassinet 2

Gelderse Vallei Hospital writes on their website, “Mother and child are thus close together and can touch each other without the intervention of a nurse…Breastfeeding is easier because the baby is nearby. Especially after a cesarean delivery, if the mother is not very mobile for a few days, the manger has great advantages.”

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