Top 10 Funniest Chants Sung At Football/ Soccer Games

The only thing that can make you feel better when your team is once again losing a football match, is of course a hilarious chant and song being sung along with your fellow club fans to laugh away the disappointment. Either they’re hilarious, or so pathetic that they become hilarious, there have been some fantastic chants coming from the stands down the years.

Here are 10 chants sung at football matches, that I just can’t seem to stop laughing at even when just thinking about them.


1. “We lose every week”

As West Ham loses 6-0 to Manchester City in a Capital One Cup Semi-Final in 2014, the fans of the losing club couldn’t help but to embrace the moment that apparently comes as a recurrent event for them.


2. “Let’s pretend we scored a goal”

Fans of Tottenham Spurs make the best of their trip to the home of Liverpool as they lose 4-0.


3. “Eindhoven we love you”

While this one is more of cute than funny, it just had to be placed on the list because the crowd chants are being lead by a young boy. How cute!


4. “How shit must you be? We’re winning away”

West Ham fans took the opportunity to put their opposing team to shame as they take the lead on the other team home grounds.


5. “F**k off, Adam Johnson”

After news was release that he sexually offended a minor, Sunderland winger Adam Johnson was never going to have it easy with these Newcastle fans. The lyrics of the chant: “F**k off Adam Johnson, you’re going down for noncing, you’re a pedophile, you’re a pedophile”.


6. “Neville, you’re a cunt”

At an Everton vs. Chelsea game that occurred in 2008, this popular Phil Neville chant was sung.


7. “What a waste of council tax, we paid for your hats”

This one was not aimed a football club but at the policemen who passed by fans of F.C. United of Manchester.


8. “Adebayor!”

Whilst being stretchered off the field, Adebayor’s fans sung him quite a song that speaks about how his dad washes elephants and his mother is a wh*re.


9. “10 men went to bed with Ashley”

Following false suggestions that were made by a newspaper that former Arsenal player Ashley Cole had a homosexual relationship with a fellow Premiership footballer, fans couldn’t help but to make a chant about it to poke a fun at Cole.

The lyrics: “5 men went to bed with Ashley, went to bed with Ashley, 5 men, 4 men, 3 men, 2 men, 1 man and his mobile phone, went to bed with Ashley.”


10. “Viva John Terry”

Singing to their favourite Chelsea player, John Terry, after he missed penalty in the UCL final in Moscow United, fans reminded him with a chant. The lyrics: “Viva John Terry, Viva John Terry, he could have won the cup, but he f**ked it up, Viva John Terry”