Unique Giant Flower Lamps “Bloom” When You Stand Underneath Them

warde 3

During the hot, dry days to come, pedestrians in Jerusalem will be able to pause for a moment of relaxation under these very unique giant flowers. The self-inflating shelters that were installed by HQ Architects in 2014 are called “Warde”.

warde 2


The structures which were placed in Vallero Square, are flowers that measure nine by nine meters and “bloom” when someone approaches, or when a tram is about to arrive. Otherwise, it just brings a whole new bright look to the unanimated part of the city.

warde 6

The red petals of the structure become inflated upon sensing that a pedestrian is nearby to provide shade and a pleasant burst of color. It is even equipped with lights that will turn on once again when someone approaches it.

warde 5

According to Design Boom,”This project is part of the municipality’s effort to improve the urban space of the city center and in this specific case, of the [square’s] poor condition.”

warde 1

“Warde” hopes to improve the area “by spreading around these four elements that have a hint of fantasy, and with their help, overcome the reality of the square,” the Design Boom submission continued.

warde 4

You can check out the self-inflating flower lamps called “Warde”, in action in the video below.

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