End Those Days Of Relentlessly Searching For Your Phone With The Marco Polo App

marco polo app 1

We’ve all had a difficult time finding our phones at some point. You’ve looked on the tables, underneath the furnitures and between the sofa cushions, still, no sign of where you last placed it. If you’re lucky there’s another phone at hand so you can try calling it, but Murphy’s Law says that you left it on silent mode. This new app is however looking to solve that with a little fun game of Marco Polo.

marco polo app 3

The app which runs in the background, listens out for your calls of “Marco” to which it will of course respond, “Polo!”. Just in case there might be someone else around named Marco, that could be annoyed by your calling of their name during your search, there is a setting that allows you to change the trigger word. In a case where you have more than one devices such as a smartphone and a tablet, you can set different trigger words for each devices.

marco polo app 2

For those of us who tend to always have our phones on silent mode, the volume settings of your device is overridden where it responds at the loudest volume. The features of the app are simple, its user interface is polished and the settings are easily customised. It was created by designer and developer Matt Wiechec based in Toronto.

The app doesn’t require an internet connection and in terms of battery drain, TUAW’s Mel Martin said that he, “didn’t see any significant drain on battery while the app was running.” You can secure this app for your Android or iOS operating phone for around $0.80.

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