8 Dog Videos That Will Totally Make Your Day Today

Like babies, dogs are a bundle of joy. We just can’t stand to burst out with an awe when we see the furry animals. While this week might not any special week for dogs, after a long week, some of us might need to watch something that will make us laugh and have a bit of joy.

Here is a list of ten dog videos that might just make your weekend.


1. Dog Helps Kids In Brazil To Jump Rope

Forget fetch, this dog in Brazil just wants to help out with jump roping.


2. Marnie The Dog Imitates Cartoon Characters

Marnie the Dog took on a classic cartoon costume party in anticipation of her upcoming book.


3. Pitbulls Are Terrible Liars!

Despite their attempt to play it off with their cuteness, their dad still wants to know who tore up his pants.


4. Dog Thrilled By Wolf Documentaries

This senior dog finds much thrills in watching the wild glory of wolf documentaries. I just wish somebody would have gotten him a copy of Balto.


5. Barking Dog Is Shut Down By Cat Who Just Can’t Stand The Noise Anymore

This dog named Chazz totally got the memo that his roommate named Greyscale, that happens to be a cat, just doesn’t want to hear him interrupt his quiet time by barking anymore.


6. Singer Robbie Williams Pays Tribute To His Late Dog

After recently passing away, singer Robbie Williams’ dog, Spencer, was paid a special tribute through a video tribute that compiled videos of the fluffy friend as a backtrack of Robbie himself singing  Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.


7. Dog’s Parrot Friend Rides Around On His Back

Cracker the African Grey and Dudley the Staffordshire bull terrier are not your average best friends as when they met each other four years ago, they got along straight away.


8. Dog Confused As To Why He Is Wearing Boots

After being put in some boots by his owner, Bill has to do a wonky walk to cope with them.