Tourists Too Scared To Walk The New World’s Longest Glass Bridge In China

glass bridge 4

In China, a terrifying wooden bridge was replaced with one that is made of glass. Located in Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, the world’s longest glass-bottomed walkway which spansĀ 300m (984f) and is 180m (590f) above ground was first made of wood and links the two peaks of the Stone Buddha Mountain. The floor is made of double-layered glass that isĀ 24mm (0.94in), and is reportedly 25 times stronger than the regular glass window.

glass bridge 1

As 11 engineers work 12 hours a day, the bridge that had previously been made of wood was converted to glass. While previously, you would be considered brave if you steeled yourself to cross the wooden walkway, now having a glass bottom, the bridge is already being referred to as “hero bridge”.

glass bridge 3

glass bridge 2

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