This Paper-Crafted Piece That Looks Like A Complete Island Took 365 Days To Finish


365-day projects are one of the most incredible art projects that any artist could undertake. The dedication, time spent and careful treatment that has to be administer to the creation as it progresses, is just price-less. While some of these time consuming projects were not able to be completed as the creator lacked dedication or otherwise, this piece called Paperholm was not a victim of that.

paperholm 1

Day 363

Edinburgh-based artist Charles Young, shares that he was able to produce the set of papercraft buildings in over 365 days. Starting from August last year, a piece was built a day and shared with his fans on his Tumblr page as soon as they were done. When the final piece was created in August, they were all compiled to produce a collection of various structures that was comprised of buildings, windmills, towers, and some unusual looking objects such as a giraffe-shaped building.

paperholm 2

Day 281

Each of the 365 different paper sculptures of the Paperholm piece were created using 220gsm watercolor paper and PVA glue.While one piece would take Young around 20 minutes to complete, another piece that is more elaborate and complex would take him around three hours. The paper city is brought to life as moving components are incorporated along with static buildings. He calls the collection a “completed island”.

paperholm 3

Day 365

Young shares that he is currently working on ideas for exhibiting the Paperholm art piece, alongside his other paper-based works. Check out the entire collection here.


Day 126

Day 126

Day 337

Day 337

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