Lite-Brite Upgraded With New Board That Uses Color Changing Dials Instead Of Pegs

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The Lite-Brite by Hasbro is one of those brilliant simple toys that has endured the changes of time. This new giant Everbright board takes the colorful toy a bit further, from being just a toy to being a possible office tool or decorating device for different occasions at different locations. It replaces those colored plastic pegs with dials that can reproduce any color you can imagine.

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The Everbright created by San Francisco’s Hero Design was designed to help boost workplace productivity through creativity, unlike the more common office distractions like ping-pong or pool tables. As a dial is rotated they slowly morph through millions of different hues that are projected with multi-colored LEDs.

Everbright from Romy Randev on Vimeo.

The board can also go into a screensaver mode where a couple of animations with play when it’s not being used. In addition to being used as a creative toy, your company’s logo or a pixilated version of famous art could be placed on the board.

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While the original Lite-Brite toy can still be bought $20, the standard version of the Everbright comes with 464 colored dials and a price tag of $25,000. There is also a bigger version that has 928 dials and sells for $50,000 and a compact 232 dial option for $14,000, which might still be pricey for being installed in your home. But, if you are a start-up, the Everlight board will be a cool thing to put up in your office to make it look hip.

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