These “Shopping Tips” Left In A Grocery Store By A Guy Will Surely Make Your Day

As a part of his Obvious Plant series, comedian Jeff Wysaski took on another prank at a grocery store. This series is not only very hilarious, but it will definitely make things more interesting for shoppers as they are ultimately pointless tips.

With his previous antics being featured in a pet shop and also along a series of self-help books and book sections in a book shop, Wysaski’s latest antics involved him amusingly trying to convince buyers to incite lightsaber battles with baguettes. He then advised them to not pour Red Bull on pigeons.

Check out ten (10) of Wysaski’s shopping tips below.


1. A tip for those of us who always struggle to find a way to enjoy our bag of chips without disturbance.

shopping tips 1


2. A tip for those of us who are going through some emotional turmoil.

shopping tips 2


3. A tip for those of us who are looking to have some weird fun.

shopping tips 3


4. A tip for those of us who are having trouble with finding a girlfriend/ boyfriend.

shopping tips 5


5. Want to make your breakfast of pancakes a little more ‘metal’?

shopping tips 4



6. A tip for keeping warm in the cold, cold freezer isle.

shopping tips 6


7. A tip for those of us who want to be chased by the security guard and lose some extra weight.

shopping tips 7



8. Be sure to make use of the free therapy sessions.

shopping tips 8


9. A tip for those of us growing-up.

shopping tips 9


10. A tip for those of us who might want to do something better to do with our Red Bull drinks.

shopping tips 10

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