Device Shaped Like A Gingko Tree Charges Phones In 2 Hours With Solar Energy

ginkgo tree 2

Recently, developers of Dubai unveiled that they will soon have smart beaches with their electronic palm tree system that is solar powered and able to charge devices. In a similar concept, a new design by XD Design called the Ginkgo tree will allow you to be able to charge up your devices using solar power. It is able to store charge for as much as two phones as it is fitted with an extra large 4.000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and three mini solar panels.

ginkgo tree 1

The solar-powered charger, which replicates the Japanese Gingko Tree, is small enough to be kept on your desktop near a sunny window. Its external appearance includes a base made of aluminium, a trunk made of bamboo and some plastic components. The charging port which is provided as a USB outlet can be found at the back of the device with the wires winded neatly around the base to help you to keep your desk tidy.

ginkgo tree 5

In addition to being able to charge two phones with the power stored in its lithium battery, it takes only two hours for a phone to reach a full charge. Once the phone is placed to charge, a green light on the device will illuminate. The battery’s charge status is also illustrated with a series of small blue lights.

ginkgo tree 3

The base of the Gingko Tree also has a socket for holding the gadget so that there is more space on your work surface.

ginkgo tree 4