‘Sliden`Joy’ Offers Two Additional HD Displays For Your Laptop With Easy Setup

slidenjoy 1

Sometimes when we are extremely busy on our computers, we can help but wish that we had two of this and two of that to make navigating easier. Desktop computer users wouldn’t have a problem getting this problem solved as they could just easily get another monitor, but laptop users are still stuck with the single display. This could however change with this product that will be seeking funds on Kickstarter called the Sliden`Joy.

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The device which was created by a designer from Belgium adds one or two more HD displays that are light and thin, in sizes of 13, 15 and 17 inches, to your laptop. The additional displays, just like your laptop is light and perfect for taking around with you wherever you go.

slidenjoy 2

Available for both PC and Mac, the displays are able to rotate around by 180 degrees to be placed in a variety of poses, such as turned to face the back, to the sides or to all face the user of the laptop, thanks to their aluminium hinges. You can easily set up the Sliden`Joy to your laptop as it attaches to the back with magnets. They are then connected to the laptop through two USB 2.0 ports or one single 3.0 port.

slidenjoy 6

Co-founder of the device, Charlee Jeunehomme shares that the prototype is fully working, however some of the components of the device, such as the hinges, are still on the work table. The prototype is however only 1.7cm thick on the version offering two additional displays. It is said that the final version might be thinner.

slidenjoy 5

The Kickstarter campaign will begin on the July 6 with a pledge of US$221 allowing you to pre-order a one display addition and US$332 securing you the version that offers two additional displays. The displays will also have different finishes which will include leather, wood and carbon, which will attract an additional cost.