Nightmares Scared Away With Sleeping Device Called Lully

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Is it hard for you to sleep at night because your child is having nightmares? This can be easily cured with a recently unveiled device named Lully, that claims to prevent nightmares from happening. After studying sleep patterns along with their teammates at Standford University, doctor Andy Rink and engineer Varun Boriah was able to develop the brilliant device.

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In order to help children who suffer from night terrors to adopt a healthy sleep pattern, the device uses precisely timed vibrations. It first learns the child’s sleep patterns and then vibrates for a few minutes before the night terrors gently pull the child into a lighter sleep stage.

To test the effectiveness of their device, Rink and Boriah worked with sleep researchers in a clinical study by recruiting participants between 2 and 12 years old. During the tests, Lully was able to prevent 90 percent of night terrors.

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For the Lully device to function, it should be placed under the mattress near the child’s torso. Whenever the Lully pod should be activated, the Lully app with send notifications to your smartphone. While the treatment of nightmares should be done every night for four weeks, if they return, the process can be restarted.

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