Revolutionary Medical Product ‘VetiGel’ Will Save Lives By Stopping Traumatic Bleeding Instantly

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This new medical product does not change lives but it will definitely save them. Often times we hear of people being shot and bleeding to death or being injured with a non-stop bleeding wound. The new plant-based gel called VetiGel might just be the solution to saving the lives of people that one day wind up in a situation like this. 22-year-old Joe Landolina, creator of the premise, was just 17 when he came up with the product which can stop traumatic bleeding within 12 seconds.

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As CEO and founder of the Brooklyn biotech startup – Suneris, he shared that the gel can be applied to the skin (including open wounds) and soft tissue, and is already being used in veterinary clinics. In an interview with Bloomberg, Landolina described his product as being like “Lego building blocks for the body.” In this case, polymers that are removed from the cell walls of a plant are the blocks that accelerate the natural blood clotting process in three different ways.

When somebody is cut, bleeding is stopped immediately after the application of the gel which will close the wound. The gel in the mean time will help out the body with the accumulation of platelets that will be concentrated in the region and facilitate blood clotting. Finally, the gel will also stimulate the production of fibrin, which is a coagulation-related protein, resulting in a remarkably fast and stable coagulation process.vetigel 4

While the VetiGel is not yet ready for use in humans, Suneris shared that it is now close to that end of development phase and when it is finished, the initial primary market will probably be to help military personnels and EMTs, and to treat traumatic injuries. Soon enough, the gel will also become a veterinary product that will help to stop bleeding during animal surgery. Veterinarians and clinics interested in testing VetiGel can contact them via the company’s website.

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