Sail Away In Your Resort Room/ Yacht With Salt & Water’s Concept Floating Hotel

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Are you having a hard to time to decide whether you’re gonna go with a luxury yacht or a waterfront resort for your next vacation? Think no more because Serbian yacht designers at Salt & Water have designed just the thing that will give you both of that. The new floating hotel, which recently won the 2015 Millenium Yacht Design Award, allows you to check into your own personal Catamaran apartment unit, which can be detached from the floating hotel and sailed away.

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In each Catamaran space, there are sections including a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and an area upstairs for the bedroom, floor-to-floor ceiling windows as well as an open-air front deck. The peculiarly shaped yacht rooms are designed to move slowly through the inland waters of landlocked Serbia, providing uninterrupted views of that beautiful nature around for you to indulge in. As shared by the designers, the apartments “can be considered as frames of the nature, connecting the guests with the water and the sky and isolating them from everyday stresses.”

If guests get tired of the solitude of their private yacht pods, they can choose to return to the central structure of the floating hotel, where a beach platform, for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying drinks, along with a restaurant, a café and even a “flying bridge” awaits them. The reception area, event halls and offices  are also located at this central structure. While the unique hotel is currently just a concept, Salt & Water described it as “a perfect solution for tourism without any violation of the natural harmony of the place itself.”

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