Shift Your Sad State Of Mind To Happiness With This High-Tech Headband

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It can be hard to get through with your day when you are upset. This new gadget claims to be able to turn your frowns upside down with the touch of a button. The Thync headband is attached to your head using a stick-on strap that attaches to your forehead and neck.

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The device is connected to a specially designed app called ‘Vibes’ in which controls it. You can decide your mood from five to twenty minute sessions using the system, with each pack of five bands costing $30. The small pulses released by the device activate the nerves that connect to the brain to act correspondingly to make your mood change from a bad one to the energetic or calm would that you would rather to have while going about your day.

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The device’s chemical-free effects have been described as being similar to a ‘shot of an espresso’ or a ‘glass of wine’ by its users. While the immediate effects are said to be able to last for up to half an hour to an hour, the carry-over impacts may last for several hours.

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Earlier this year, the Thync device was tested, as shared by a study published via bioRxiv. According to this study, the electrical neurosignaling delivered by the device reduces the brain’s response to stress in a chemical-free manner. Conducted with 82 individuals from the area of Boston, the study revealed that a 14-minute session using Thync’s electrical waveforms resulted in significant stress reduction, with 97 percent of the subjects stating the effects induced greater relaxation than the sham treatment.

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“Our goal is to have long-lasting positive effects such as better sleep, improved workouts, and increased productivity, through daily use of the Vibes,” representative of Thync, Kim Tran, said.

The headband is on sale for $299.

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