Man Experiments With Speech Jammer In Hilarious Video Of Him Reading A Children’s Book

speech jammer 1

“One fish, two fish, red frfrfrfrish, blue fisisish.” This is exactly how you would sound when you try to read Dr. Seuss’ famous ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ book with a speech jammer. In a video that was released via Youtube, a man tries to do just this as he reads the book while hearing his own voice being fed back to him, with a slight time delay. A very hilarious video is what we would all say as he stumbles his way through the very amateur book while trying to overcome the deliberating sounds.

At the beginning of the video, host Brian of the Youtube channel Speech Jammer Storytime , explains that “a speech jammer is a device that records your voice and plays it back at a slight delay.” He adds that this will cause your brain to be confused and therefore make you ‘completely incomprehensible’, before proceeding to struggle his way through the children’s book.

From the start, some of his words are slurred and stuttered as it is obvious that he finds it incredibly difficult to talk. Each time he reads a new sentence, his speech is fine, until the delay kicks in halfway through the sentence.

The result to the experiment by Brian is because human speech relies on what is essentially a ‘feedback loop’ with the Broca area in the frontal lobe of the brain, which helps control speech. Your brain monitors your voice to keep it sounding like it normally does as you speak a sentence out loud. Thus when that loop is interrupted and your speech is played back, your brain becomes confused and tries to correct itself. Garbled language is the result.

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