Talented Dog Musician Plays A Variety Of Instruments To Make Music With His Owner

Dogs are very smart and talented animals. They can dance, walk on their two hind legs, do tricks, shake your hand, smile for the camera and even do math. We lately discovered that they are also able to make music! Awesome right?


In short videos that have gone viral, a dog and her owner created Vine clips of themselves making music. Fingerstyle guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Trench, and his Border Collie/ Golden Retriever mix, Maple, together played some of the popular songs of today. While Trench plays the different tunes on his guitar, the talented Maple plays along with a variety of different instruments in each clipping. Some of the instruments she is able to play includes the drum, cowbell, bongos and the glockenspiel.

maple 2

Even though Maple can’t always keep the beat, Trench shows that her willingness to “participate” in his sessions show that she truly has a song in her heart.

Check out the Border Collie/ Golden Retriever, Maple, and her musical owner, Trench, create sweet music in the Vine clips below.


Playing the drums in a rendition of  “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes.

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/O3l3rI5I0YX; width=400 height=300]


Adding the cowbell to another tune.

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/OQqxU7KFzKY; width=400 height=300]


Both inspecting the bongos with her tongue and playing them to Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk”

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/O9EthpzguKL; width=400 height=300]


Taking on the glockenspiel on Gorillaz’s “Feel Good, Inc.”

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/OYnLbdaiUDx; width=400 height=300]


Acting out Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/OL6E2rXIaxJ; width=400 height=300]


She even sings!

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/OlHQPFnj1dQ; width=400 height=300]

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