New Babel Bike Checks Off Supreme Bike Safety With Revolutionary Design

babel bike 2

This newly released bike might just be the world’s safest yet. Boasting front and rear lights, rear view mirrors and even a car horn, the Babel Bike is said to be unprecedented in its approach to safety. Keeping cyclists safe against trucks and buses turning into them, there is roll cage that surrounds it.

babel bike 1

The Babel Bike was designed by London-based Crispin Sinclair, who is the son of the famous British inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, who designed the 1985 Sinclair C5 bike. In hopes to be able to market the bike which features an array of safety-concious lineaments, Crispin  sought funding on Indiegogo.

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At the front of the bike there is a small wheel, while there is a larger one at the back, with a lockable white bar connecting them that doubles as storage for the bike’s innards. In case you get too tired to operate the bike with the pedals, there is an electric motor inside that is able to assist you at speeds of up to 20mph in the US and 15.5mph in the EU.

babel bike 4

“In both the US and the EU you can still pedal faster but in both jurisdictions the motor can’t assist at higher speeds (by law),” the team notes on their Indiegogo page.

The controls for the Shimano 250-watt electric assist motor are located on the handlebars and provide up to 50% assistance. The battery is able to last for a range of 50 to 80 miles. In order to recharge the bike, you can either remove the battery and recharge it at home, or with an optional electric-car-charging lead. There are two steel foot protectors that can also be found at the front that are detachable. They can also be used as a bike lock.

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