The Most Unique Choir In The World Consists Of Android Devices

This has got to be the most unusual choir that has ever hit a stage to sing. Another unusual fact about this choir is that it is comprised of just phones. The gadget choir by Google, is called the ‘Android Chorus’ and features 300 phones and tablets dancing and singing together. The idea was devised and set up by the search giant’s office in Tokyo for a exhibition.

“A lot of people play music on their phones,” Google Japan’s Head of Device Marketing Yuko Akiyama, said in a blog post. “But what about using those phones to make music?”

“Over in Tokyo, the Google Japan team gave it a go — stringing together 300 smartphones and tablets with 300 different characters singing the same song using only the device speakers. We call it ‘Android Chorus.”

A footage shows the team members painstakingly programming each handset and setting them up on large desks, before finally placing them side-by-side each other in 6 rows on a giant display wall.

“If you happen to be in Tokyo, you can see the chorus perform from Thursday, February 12 to Sunday, February 15 at Omotesando Hills,” Google says. “300 different characters singing in perfect harmony is just another illustration of how Android is about being together not the same.”

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