Design Studio In London Creates Stunning Cosmic Experience Inside A Giant Dome

osmo 1

In an attempt to craft magical, temporary spaces for the public, a London-based design studio Loop.pH has mixed science, technology, and art to create a giant inflatable dome that looks like miniature scaled cosmos. The brilliant dome invention called OSMO was created for a recent light festival that was held in London.

osmo 2

The infinite mirror space was said to be a complete cosmic experience as visitors were able to step inside, relax and gaze at the ‘stars’, while ambient soundscape music was being played.

osmo 3

The latest edition of the Light Night Canning Town event which the OSMO was created for, was a free festival of light, community and energy that was held in the streets of London. The OSMO dome which carried site-specifications, was placed underneath the A13 flyover road and measured 30-foot wide. In correspondence to the festival’s theme, “The Fire and The Stars”, the idea of the space was to re-create an infinite cosmos.

osmo 4

Thanks to laser beams bounced in-between the layers of the film on the walls, the inflatable structure was able to re-create the appearance of stars. Visitors were wowed by the magical effect as they stared at the inner-mirrored walls and gaze at the ‘stars’ while immersed in a fascinating glittering landscape. As shared by Loop.pH, the OSMO  is “the most cosmologically transporting experience this bit of A-road has ever seen.”

osmo 5