Now You Can Use A Smartphone To Operate A Home

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Some European designers from Romania have designed what will be known as the country’s very first zero energy modular home concept called the Soleta ZeroEnergy One. The small home is a prototype that is being developed by the eco-minded developers at the Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies (FITS).

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It is said that the home is powered by clean energy and the home owners will be able to remote-control it using their smartphone.Thanks to it’s versatile and affordable design, the Soleta zeroEnergy can be made a tiny home, an office, or a vacation home.

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The home is built with all natural materials including glue laminated wood for the structure and wood shingles for the roof. The developers have also created a distinct relationship between nature and the interior, also providing natural light and ventilation. Additional ventilation is “forced” in and coupled with a heat recovery system.

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The Soleta zeroEnergy One is compact as it is built on a plot that measures just 48 square meters (not counting a 9 sqm loft and 22 sqm terrace), but is still made free from having a feeling of being enclosed in a confined space with a well orchestrated property plan.

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The concept home is powered by renewable energy sources available which are 45 percent energy efficient with a smart energy, climate and ventilation monitoring and management system (KNX), which can be controlled remotely with an iPhone or similar device. Additional heating is also achieved with in-floor heating combined with other technologies.