No Need To Fear, Power Generating Shoes Are Here!

SolePower 1

Most of us, if not all, have at some point found ourselves running out of battery on our smartphones in a time when you really need to be using your phone. Thanks to this latest development, this problem could soon be simply solved by going for a walk using the new technology called the SolePower Ensoles as your shoes insoles. Your steps are converted into electricity to provide two-and-a-half hours of phone charge from an one-hour-walk.

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While the insole may still be under development, they are intended to fit inside everyday shoes. A power pack that is fitted on the outside of the shoes is used to collect kinetic energy using a mechanism that converts linear motion, which is generated while walking, into rotational motion, that is capable of spinning a generator.

“Our EnSoles have an embedded mechanical system inside of them, which is what generates the electricity,” Davit Davian, the head of Business Development for SolePower explained. “During the heel strike the kinetic energy of the foot is transferred into the mechanical system, which uses it to spin a micro-generator.”

This micro-generator will then allow power to be built-up in an external battery pack that is connected by a cable called PowerPac. The PowerPac is tied onto the laces so that it sits on top of the shoe. In order to allow the device to be charged off it, there is an USB port for connection.

SolePower 3

“When you wish to charge your phone, you simply detach the PowerPac from your shoelaces and plug into the available USB port.” Mr Davitian said.

The inventors of the SolePower, based at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, received $60,000 (£38,591) of money from a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Once the design phase has been completed, the device will be marketed ‘as soon as possible”, as shared by the company.

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