Do it yourself- Fix your Car’s Bumper Dent within 10 minutes

As we know that car’s bumper dent is very unfortunate. It ruined the car’s beauty. When it happens we start thinking about loss of considerable amount of money for sure. But to save your money we found an idea which has been shared by someone on imgur. It just requires two gallons of water and 10 minutes.

Pictures Shown Above Represents Dent


There are few steps to follow to remove Dent:

No. 1:

Take just more than two gallons of water in teapot and put it on stove for boiling.


No. 2:

When it starts boiling, pick it up by using gloves on your hands. And start pouring slowly on dent. Due to basic science, it causes plastic to expand and will become flexible.

No. 3:

Now by using a glove on your hand, try to pop out the dent by a hand, and try to pop out the dent by applying a certain amount of force with your hand. Please do it carefully.

No. 4:

Now cool down the plastic by using cold water. It will help the plastic to regain its original position due to plasticity.

Images Courtesy: Sxpnthr

Source: Imgur