A Smart Locket That Stores Social Network Photos!

Wearable devices are still trying to find solid ground in the technological arena with watches apparently making the most noise thus far. The ever growing industry has left room for more gadgets to stake their claim. Jennifer Darmour, of the design consultancy firm Artefact has developed a necklace that resembles an old school locket which is capable of storing digital photos.

The necklace which formal name is Purple gives wearers access to the their Facebook and Instagram contacts via the Purple app. The blue-tooth enabled locket retrieves those friends photos from Facebook, Instagram and SMS then displays them on the circular screen giving the user the option to like or share the images.

The nifty feature behind the locket lies in the fact that once a friend posts a photo, the lid lights up alerting the wearer of the new image. The wearer may choose to view the photo at the time of uploading or can store it permanently in the locket’s album.

Unlike most wearable devices which have done a poor job at emulating the original accessory, Purple is very similar in appearance to any locket you would find in an ordinary store. Ms. Darmour believes that while their may be many sceptics as it relates to such product she puts faith in Purple due to its unique and specific functionality. “Rather than offering a million different features, as wearables like the Apple Watch or Fitbit do, Purple serves one chief function: To store the photos of the people that you’re closest to, which existing social networks like Facebook and Instagram don’t do on their own. It’s not about collecting 500 friends,” Darmour told Wired, “but finding an experience that can enrich the core people you care about, no matter where they are.” she added. The only thing left for us to do is to wait and see if it will be the first wearable device that gains serious traction.

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