New Knife That Smoothly Applies Solid Butter To Your Bread


Butter that was taken straight from the fridge will be solid and hard to spread on your slice of bread. Some developers from Seattle, Washington has created a knife that can solve that age-old problem. The new SpreadTHAT! is able to melt hard butter using a heat-system that captures your body’s heat to melt through it so that it can be smoothly applied to a slice of bread. This heat-system used also means that the device requires no batteries.

The 3oz weighted gadget is designed with a copper alloy tube in its center which instantly transfers heat from the palm of the users hand to the end of the blade, melting the butter as it is scraped off the stick and applied to the bread.

spreadTHAT 1

The company wrote on it’s Kickstarter page, “We discovered that the current butter spreaders on the market are simply not adequate for spreading butter.”

“We wanted to create a spreader that can effectively spread cold butter, and we wanted to do it without using any electricity nor hot water,” they added. “We also demanded a solution that is completely safe to handle by small children, meaning that there cannot be any sharp edges.”

spreadthat 2

SpreadTHAT! is able to be operated by the body heat-system because of the principle that states that heat will always to flow in the area of lower temperature.

The SpreadTHAT! Kickstarter campaign was launched at the beginning of August and has already raised over $39,000. The team behind the gadget expressed that they hope to have the product mass produced in time for Christmas. It is expected to carry a price tag of around $25 (£15).