Strange Mushroom-shaped Creatures Found On Australia’s Coastline

Strange Mushroom-shaped creatures have been found on along Australia’s coastline. The bizarre findings could not be placed in a suitable category of living organisms. The animals known as Dendrogamma resemble mushrooms and consists predominantly of an outer skin and inner stomach separated by a dense layer of jelly-like substance.

Scientists believe that they are related to an ancient life form that lived 600 million years ago. It is thought that the current species is a representation of a failed attempt at multicellular life. They were discovered in a collection of organisms dredged up in 1986 from depths of 1,312 and 3,280ft (400 and 1,000 metres) on the south-east Australian continental slope off eastern Bass Strait and Tasmania.

Researchers have isolated the two species of Dendrogamma which is described in the latest edition of the online journal PLOS ONE.

Danish lead scientist Dr. Jorgen Oleson said “Current evidence suggest that they represent an early branch on the tree of life, with similarities to the 600 million-year-old extinct Ediacara fauna.” Edicara fauna are a unique group of fragile body organisms preserved globally throughout fossil impressions in Sandstone. Scientits believe these fauna symbolize an important landmark in Earth’s evolution as they immediately pre-date the explosion of life-forms at the beginning of the Cambrian Period 541 million years ago.

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