US$10 USB ‘Condom’ Prevents Hackers from Distributing Viruses

Millions of people around the world come in direct contact with technology on a daily basis and as such they are vulnerable to the ills of its usage. The vigilantes of  Computer Security have spent restless hours trying to gather data from organizations and individuals alike while simultaneously distributing viruses among other malicious programs to unsuspecting users.

In an attempt to put a strange hold on such activities, a USB ‘Condom’ has been designed by security experts in an effort to keep sensitive data secure. The device allows users to connect their phones or tablets to unfamiliar USB ports without running the risk of being infected by a virus.

Seller’s of the product, Crowd Supply, describe the gadget as “a protective barrier between your device and “juice-jacking” hackers.” Created by New York security experts, the original plan for the device was to combat the growing risk of fake public charging stations that can download private data.

USB cables are made up of different wires, wrapped in a single protective casing. Each has a different function with two serving to provide electricity while another transfers data. “If the smartphone automatically connects when it is in removable media mode, that makes all files in the internal storage accessible to the PC,” warns security firm, Kapersky.

The ‘USB Condom’ is a small chip that has both male and female ports. These provide the connection between a device and the unknown USB, effectively severing any data connection while linking up with the power cables. The device is available for purchase online through information security group Xipiter for US$10.

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