Jet Offers 360-Degree Panoramic Views With Giant Panel Screens

When travelling by plane it can get quite boring, especially if the flight will last for many hours and your music player has battery that can last for only 2-3 hours. A French company called Technicon Design has came up with a great way to make travelling by plane more interesting by replacing windows with a giant panel screen. The innovative concept called IXION, was first showcased at NBAA business aviation show in 2013 and also received the first place award interior design at the International Yacht and Aviation Award this year.

The IXION windowless Jet concept is an aircraft without windows in the passenger section. The sides and ceiling of the cabin are replaced with monitors that shows panoramic views of the outside, as if you were looking through a transparent glass panel. There are cameras that are positioned on the outside of the plane that would capture live footages of the view and then project them on the screens inside in high-definition. It can also display landscapes such as the forest or outer space scenes.

The removal of the windows and the upper fuselage reduces the overall weight of the aircraft and therefore also reduces the fuel consumption and costs for maintenance. In addition, the designers are also given the opportunity to improve and invest in the interior design of the planes.

IXION is currently a concept and could take over a decade to actually be implemented. Other commercial aircraft manufacturers have however made proposals for technologies on transparency in airplane cabins before.

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