Special Bag That Doubles As A Water Purifier & Food Transporter

water purifier

In poor countries, there are many starving families and communities that are unable to access clean drinking water. Outraged by this fact, Korean industrial designers Jung Uk Park, Myeong Hoon Lee and Dae Youl Lee have created a special bag called the Life Sack Water Purifier that is sure to help those people in need. The special bag which is initially used to deliver foods sent by international non-governmental organizations and the United Nations, works as a water purifier after the food is stored and will replace conventional bags used to ship grains.

lifesack water purifier

The container is able to purify contaminated liquid using a Solar Water Disinfectant Process (SODIS) technology that kills microorganisms through thermal treatment and UV-A-radiation, which penetrates the PVC sack easily. There is also an internal filter that is able to remove all microorganisms bigger than 5 nanometers in size. Deadly bacteria such as tuberculosis with a size of 200 nanometer will therefore be easily removed.

lifesack water purifier 1

Everyday more than 4,000 children die from drinking contaminated water that causes diarrhoea. The SODIS process is a free and effective method for treating water using plastic bottles and the sun’s UV rays to kill pathogens that cause diarrhoea. By simply leaving the clean Life Sack container filled with water in the sun for 6 hours, those bacteria are literally scorched and destroyed.


Some people have to walk great distances to get water and considering this, the inventors have designed the Life Sack with straps that allows it to be comfortably carried like a backpack. As the carriers walk in the suns heat, the Life Sack will be working its magic, destroying the bacteria.