Meet the Adorable Dog Who Runs a Store Window in Japan

Only in Japan will you find a cute and cuddly dog standing by a store window. Meet Shiba Inu, the dog who “works” as customer service at a small cigarette store called Suzuki.




We really can’t blame the dog and store’s owner for putting Shiba on display, since it can very well attract the attention passers-by and even netizens worldwide. Who wouldn’t want to interact with this charming dog with a very heartwarming and helpful smile, right?


During off-peak hours, Shiba likes munching on his favorite vegetable, zucchini. And if there’s really nothing to do, he’s free to nap away all throughout his working hours as well.




If you think that this is all one big hoax or just a photo-op with a dog by the window, watch this video for yourself:

Source: via EliteDaily