Guilty Dog Offers This Toddler An Apology Like No Other

For some people having a baby and a loyal dog are prized emotional assets. The pairing though is not always ideal for one of the two. A baby can sometimes be a “nuisance” to a dog and a dog can also inspire what a baby does best, cry. Some of you can easily relate to this one way or another, even if the pet in question is not a dog.

While the dog and toddler often “settle their encounter” with conflict, one of the two know when they have crossed the line, such is the case with Charlie the beagle. He was not exactly thrilled to say the least with the lack of attention he was getting from his masters once the baby had arrived. In an attempt to “straighten things out” he decided to confiscate the child’s toy. This resulted in a burst of tears from the toddler which continued for some time which left the friendly beagle  ripe with guilt. In an attempt to make amends he pushed a box stacked with toys across the living room before stuffing his “attention” partner with all the contents in it. Apparently animals do have a conscience and now that everything is back to normal, maybe they can meet on a “common ground”.


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