Very Graphic Images of People’s Illnesses Removed From Their Bodies

More often than not, we often identify and define sick people with what they are ailed with. Photographer Maija Tammi intends to  change that view to redefine the idea of illnesses and sick people by turning the focus on the object that was removed from the body due to the illness and necessity. This then separates the illness from the person, making it less about the sick person and just about the small object on or inside their body that’s related to their sickness.

Here are some of the compelling and highly graphic images that may be disturbing for some as part of Maija Tammi’s “Removal” series:





Breast cancer (whole breast removed):

Breast cancer (whole breast removed).

Bowel cancer:

Bowel cancer.



Partial removal of a thyroid gland:

Partial removal of a thyroid gland.

Spinal cord stenosis (pieces of bone and discus):

Spinal cord stenosis; pieces of bone and discus.

Cancer related partial amputation of hand:

Cancer related partial amputation of a hand from the series Remo

Source: Maija Tammi via Slate