Check Out This Rare But Unforgettable Fog Scene In The Grand Canyon.

There are many beautiful and captivating places across the globe that leave us breathless. The Grand Canyon is one of those places that have such an effect – so you can just imagine how amazing it is enshrouded in a misty aura.


The Colorado River which starts from the Rocky Mountains in the United States flows in the south-west direction through the Colorado Plateau where it flows across the Mexican border and forms a large delta to empty its contents into the Gulf of California. This process of water flow is responsible for nature’s masterpiece that we call the Grand Canyon.

Although a river can be found at the foot of the Grand Canyon, mists are a rarity in the area due to the high temperatures that occur in and around the region.  However such rarity is a guarantee that you will greet such view with both appreciation and excitement.


Fogs occur in the Grand Canyon once every decade (yes, every 10 years) and owes it birth to a process known as ‘Tempertature Inversion’.  This occurs when cold air is trapped close to the Earth’s surface by warmer air above it.

“First, there was higher-than-normal moisture in the canyon. There was 0.75 of an inch of liquid precipitation. Normal precipitation during that time is only 0.19 of an inch, which converts to nearly 400 percent of normal precipitation within about a week of the event.” explained Andy Mussoline, a meteorologists at about the most recent occurrence of the phenomena.

It seems like the quite a complex process, however, if the photographs are anything to go by, it is truly a sight to behold. It is one of those things that makes you say “I must put this on the list of things I do before I die”.



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