Check Out This Amazing Floating City Planned To Be Built In China!

floating city

After considering ways to minimize pollution and improve social & environmental conditions, a Chinese construction firm РCCCC Рwants to build a floating city. The company which is also responsible for the building of the presently incomplete 31 mile bridge linked between Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai, commissioned the AT Design Office to make a plan for the city which should cover an area of  four square miles using the same techniques that are being used to accomplish building the 31 mile bridge.

floating city 3

The team’s proposal to accomplish building the city involves a series of prefabricated hexagonal parts that overlap vertically to create all the infrastructures needed for the city on water – such as a transport system of yachts and submarines, to a floating hotel and entertainment complex.

floating city 4

The community will produce its own food and sustainably dispose of waste by placing facilities such as farms, hatcheries and rubbish collection facilities. As a means of transporting on the island submarines and electric vehicles will be used to keep the island free from air pollution and congestion caused by auto-mobiles. People will also be able to have access between islands by underwater tunnels with walkways and roads.

floating city 6

The ocean metropolis will feature a harbour centre used for parking submarines, an amusement city which has a hotel and a large commercial and entertainment centre. Public green belts will also be provided at both underwater and above water spaces to serve as public space usable for recreational activities.

floating city 5

Living spaces on the floating city will have ocean scenery with convenient connections to local facilities, services, public transportation and garden.

Architect Slavomir Siska stated, “The project will offer an opportunity to develop a new urban nucleus of world-class residential, commercial and cultural facilities, as well as to promote a zero-carbon, energy-efficient and self-sufficient city.” China Transport Investment Co. is currently reviewing the proposal and is likely to start to test this ambiguous project from a smaller scale next year.

floating city 7