This soldier Robo-Suit Might Win The Next War.

DARPA is looking to tune up soldier suits. We know that the load related injuries are very common in combat for any soldier as they are always carrying more than 100 pounds of weights on their backs. So to make things lighter DARPA has created a new web suit called ‘Warrior Web’ and they hope that it will assist soldiers during battle.

Currently there are three prototypes of this suit, all of them are light, flexible and soft and can be worn under soldier’s normal uniform and gear. The suit is designed to take stress of the areas where body needs most, especially joints and lower back. DARPA believes that by wearing this suit the efficiency of the soldier can enhance significantly.┬áThe current prototypes of the suit include technology that can quickly stabilize joints, transfer weight distribution, and kinetic sensing. The best part is that this time DARPA is looking beyond military limits as there are potential chances that this suit will also be available for people who have limited mobility like senior citizens. Here are the three prototypes,




SRI_WW_Exosuit 12-Aug-2013_nomesh_v2