Soon You Will Be Able To Customize Your Phone’s Hardware

Things get priceless and closer to your heart when personalized, customization is captivating and Motorola takes care of that. Moto X came up with the same idea, with its customizable color combinations. The company is exploring the same concept a colossal step further by letting customers fabricate their own phone.

The Google Company just declared Ara as an open hardware platform that will help the developers/ customers in the process. It will give creators the “power to decide what your phone does, how it looks, where and what it’s made of, how much it costs, and how long you’ll keep it,” Ara designs will consist of an endoskeleton (endo) structural frame that holds the phone together and modules. The modules of an Ara-created smartphone will decide its properties; no two phones will be the same. Modules can be anything from batteries to a display to a keyboard, or even something not yet thought of by anyone.

It is totally like the Phonebloks concept which is turning into reality now.