Self Regulating Cup Gives Your Coffee The Perfect Temperature

We all have tried vacuum-insulated travel mugs, but most of us agree they don’t work well. Keeping the coffee at just the perfect temperature is somewhat exigent and if it’s not perfect, it leaves you vacant, the craving still exist.

Temperfect mug confronts this problem using science. Logan Maxwell at North Carolina State took the common vacuum flask design and rather than using a double wall insulated by a vacuum that can’t transfer heat, he added a third layer, filled with a proprietary substance that he calls “material x.” When you pour your hot brew into the mug, the heat is transferred through the inner wall where it heats up the material x and melts it into a liquid. By extracting the heat from the brew, it is cooled to the perfect drinking temperature, while the excess heat is stored in the liquefied material x. When gradually the coffee starts getting cooler than required the heat is again moved to the coffee.