Hippos and Crocodiles Duel To The Death Off The Coast of Zambia

During a trip to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park photographer Marc Mol was able to capture several shots of a battle like no other between two of the World’s deadliest predators – Hippos and Crocodiles.

Mol was travelling by the air at the time when he saw the massive uproar taking place below with more than 140 crocodiles sinking their jaws into a dead hippopotamus. The animal’s herd acknowledged defeat and quickly retreated.  It may seem brutal to many, however this kind of event is both quite common and natural in the animal kingdom.

 The picture below shows a congregation of crocodiles chomping at a hippopotamus whom has already lost the battle. The other hippos have taken evasive action and are thus attempting to retreat.




Hippopotamuses prior to the battle in their natural habitat.  Hippos can be found in East and West Africa where they are generally sighted near bodies of water.




This picture shows the herd of Hippos basking in the water just off the coast of Zambia.





A shot from a different angle that shows the onslaught suffered by the hippos. The crocodiles have decided to go in pursuit of their enemy.



Generally the Animal kingdom doesn’t throw up such one-sided battles between two animals of such nature. However, the crocodiles were more than prepared and quantity got the better of quality in the end. On another day, these Hippos would be kings of the coast.




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