12 Bizarre Body Art Paintings that Blend Perfectly with Nature

I am a born geek, but a passionate writer and lover of anything tech and nature. When I'm not coding or animating, I chase cars and work with talented kids interested in computers.

Look at these dazzling body art, created by painting a real person.  These images are not Photoshopped. Tree-camouflage-Body-Painting-Natalie-Fletcher Amazing Camouflage Body Painting 2 incredible-bodypainting-art Outdoor-Body-Art johannesstoetter6 camouflage-body-art2 camouflage-body-art8 Body-Landscape-Painting-Natalie-Fletcher 94-580x580 painted-ladies-2 eca86ba0526e12f59dc70a camouflage-body-art

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