Here’s What Your Accent Sounds Like to a Foreigner

Sometimes it takes pure creativity and a sheer talent for all things crazy in order to go viral. Just take the cue from 19-year-old Sara, hailing from Finland, who makes use of her talent for imitation and mimicry with these videos that have gone viral for the past few days.

So what exactly is she doing? She tries to speak different languages to show how different accents sound like to foreigners… or at least to her. What’s so entertaining about these videos is the fact that she actually nails some of the languages, albeit some of what she says are just pure gibberish. She even adds certain body movements to support her imitations.


Do take note that this is done all for the sake of goofiness and she cautions for people all around the world to not take it seriously, because she really doesn’t mean to offend anyone. And since she’s not exactly fluent with all of these languages, there really is no point in pointing out her mistakes since she admits that this is all part of her imagination. And what a fascinating imagination it is, wouldn’t you agree?

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