Massive Playable Rubik Cube Building

They say art can change the world, seems true to me. Walking on a street with those sober buildings around you, you don’t expect a building in the form of a Rubik’s Cube, yes a giant Rubik’s cube. Such a building will definitely add some level of excitement to your experience. Well such a building exists on a street in Linz, Austria. The Ars Electronica building is unusual in terms of the idea and user interaction. It grabs your interest not only by the use of colors and lights but also they hand you a small, all-white cube of your own to the resolve the big one.

The project is the brain-child of an artist and designer Javier Lloret.  You twist the little controller cube; your movements are mimicked by the building. If you need to see the bottom of the cube, simply flip over the controller. Prepared with a gyroscope, motion sensors and a Bluetooth link to a nearby laptop, the interface-cube makes the game at once entertaining and tricky.

playable-rubiks-cube-building (1)


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