Americans Were Asked To Place European Countries On A Map. Here’s What They Wrote

Americans’ geographical knowledge was recently put to the test with a survey in which participants had to write in countries’ names on a blank European political map. Unfortunately, they didn’t fare too well, but some of their responses are hilarious (or hilariously mis-informed). A common problem was filling in all the countries that one knows and then realizing there’s still a half-dozen blank spots on the map. at least a lot of people acknowledged their shame. Oh and it seems Americans love Borat.

americans-place-european-countries-on-map-1 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-2 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-3 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-4 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-5 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-6 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-7 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-8 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-9 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-10 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-11 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-12 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-13 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-14 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-15 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-16 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-17 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-18 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-19 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-20 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-21 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-22 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-23 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-24 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-25 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-26 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-27 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-28 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-29 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-30 americans-place-european-countries-on-map-31

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