A Suit Fit For James Bond

Canadian tailor Garrison Bespoke has designed a suit based on a client’s request; it is light and smart. Oh, and it is capable of stopping bullets!

The extraordinary bullet-stopping properties come from multiple sheets of carbon nanotubes, hidden within the suit’s lining. Provided by the company which outfits the U.S. Army Special Forces, these carbon nanotube sheets make the suit strong enough to stop bladed weapons, 9mm rounds and even rounds from a Colt .45. The carbon nanotubes make the bulletproof suit much lighter, allowing for more flexibility and a thinner look overall. Carbon nanotubes have a tendency to tauten their weave when subjected to point force which means increased safety for the person wearing it.

Garrison’s bulletproof suits are so hard to destroy that making alterations has to be done with a band saw. Of course, the bulletproof suit comes with a high price. Each suit will cost you about $20,000.