Zaha Hadid’s Mind Blowing Yacht

Zaha Hadid’s signature designs mostly have fluid dynamics exteriors, unique structures and flexible spaces.

This time Zaha Hadid created a 90m yacht, a design highly influenced by underwater ecosystems along with hydrodynamics. The exoskeleton structure at the exterior is pure beauty; it’s interlaced network of supports that vary in thickness. It evokes an organic marine form and also connects different levels and decks through highlighted diagonals.

Undoubtedly, it’s a bold design.

unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid1 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid2 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid3 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid4 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid5 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid6 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid7 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid8 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid9 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid10 unique-circle-yachts-by-zaha-hadid11