The Touchscreen May Soon be Replaced by a ‘Feelscreen’

There are people with extraordinary visualizing skills, they ‘feel’ textures just by having a single glance at an object or picture of some entity. Others need to touch things for real however in order to actually feel them.

Well Disney has deciphered a way to create the feeling of texture on flat surfaces. We can say it can make something flat, feel not-flat. Sensitivity to detail makes things real. It will enable you to feel the shape and texture of items appearing on your touchscreen, you will be able to feel the skin of a jellyfish for instance appearing on the screen. This amazing idea works by regulating the electricity current on the tablet itself. Static electricity will allow you to feel something for a moment.

Human brain identifies the 3D bump on a surface mostly from information that it receives through skin stretching. Therefore, if we can unnaturally stretch skin on a finger as it slides on the touch screen, the brain will be tricked into thinking an actual physical bump is on a touch screen even though the touch surface is completely smooth and flat.



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