Volkswagen XL1 Car Gets an Augmented Reality Service App

Volkswagen’s sleek XL1 model promises world shattering fuel efficiency — a claimed 700 mpg in a 2.6-gallon tank. But now we can witness another way in which the car is truely a symbol of innovation –  the accompanying app to the car, which will change how mechanics work with the new car.

The Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistant App (MARTA for short) will employ augmented reality to offer instructions on the hybrid diesel’s mechanical operations. MARTA focuses primarily on the mechanic’s experience, offering service workers a new way to see the car’s parts and fix problems.

By using 3D overlays, MARTA shows technicians what each component is, while displaying 3D animations that demonstrate maintenance instructions. All XL1 service stations across Europe will use it.

So have we finally seen a truly useful AR product?