Laraki Epitome Supercar

This breathtakingly beautiful concept car – The Epitome – will be Laraki’s third launch since 2003, though neither of the previous models ever made production. Laraki Automobiles ceased in 2008 without making a single car for sale. But this particular design is their noteworthy return to the industry.

The ultra lightweight vehicle is nothing less than a super car – featuring a fully carbon fiber body sitting atop a C6 Corvette chassis. Under the hood resides a customized, twin-turbocharged 7.0 liter Chevy V8 that pumps out 1,200 horsepower on pump gas. The Epitome will be outfitted with a secondary fuel tank for storing 110-octane fuel, and with the flip of a switch the ECU will be remapped, and the increased boost settings will help this thing put down 1,750 horsepower. Laraki Motors plans on selling nine ultra limited versions of the Epitome with a price tag of $2 million. This car is definitely not comparable to Ferrari or Porsche still it’s worth the price tag.