9 Weird Phobias As Explained By Movies

6. Athazagoraphobia:
Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten, which seems to carry all sorts of existential philosophic meaning. Perhaps this fear might be able to drive someone to achieve greatness. Or it could explain politics or Roman history. Or maybe it just helped cause the graffiti epidemic. CUPZ and JMOON…you can rest easy tonight since everyone in the building will forever remember those neon scribbles on the elevator glass.

5. Philosophobia:
Philosophobes had to skip the previous paragraph, because they cannot stand philosophy. It may be a difficult subject for many to swallow, but these guys just won’t hear it at all. Stay away from Berkeley coffee shops and that college dorm that smells like too much incense.

4. Venustraphobia:
I think I may have had a touch of this phobia when I was going through puberty. But maybe a lot of guys can relate to the fear of beautiful women. Right?
(warning: extreme violence)
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